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Dog Groomers

Dog Groomers

Best Dog Groomers In Utah

It can be difficult to find good dog groomers that you can trust, to not only give your dog a stylish hair cut, but to treat them well. In the dog grooming field there is no regulations, any one can pick up a clipper and be considered on of us “dog groomers”. This puts your dog at a much higher risk of being injured or of injuring someone. When you are working with sharp tools and live animals there is always a risk of causing injury to the dog. An experienced dog groomer however has learned the safest methods to get the job done without putting the dog at risk of injury. Also having a dog groomer that is experienced with handling dogs in a calm manner makes all the difference.

Us dog groomers at Doggie Decadence (DD) really take the time with each dog to build trust, and to train them how to be groomed while make grooming a good experience. Instead of just forcing things on them, and making it a scary experience. An inexperienced groomer could also unknowingly reinforce aggressive behavior like growling and biting. Which causes a very stressful environment for your pet. When taking your pet to a dog groomer you should feel confident leaving your pet in their care. Be aware of those dog groomers that just look at your dog as a dollar sign, or another number to meet their quota for the day. You want your dog to get that one on one attention and to be able to use their grooming experience as a confidence builder, a fun day at the spa. Not to come home traumatized.

DD’s dog groomers goal is to make you the customer feel confident in our skills as dog groomers. To keep your pet relaxed, in a calming environment. To give your dog the hair cut you have envisioned. We care about your pets well being. It is important to us that your dog gets grooming services that are as enjoyable as we can make them.